My New eBook on Amazon/Smashwords

My New eBook on Amazon/Smashwords
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

'A New Beginning' is my newest book now available on Smashwords & Amazon for eBook & PC
RAUNCHY ROMANCE at its HOTTEST! My New Series - The Lessons #1 By Pink Passion.....

Raunchy Romance or Type - O Erotica is it for you?

Todays erotica is so much more than your Grandpa's pulp novels. Amazon & Smashwords have downloadable books at your fingertips and authors can publish for free. The market is flooded and you can wind-up with bad porn. I know thats sad but you have to shop around and support your favorite authors of e-book publishing. Raunchy Romance is the type of erotica stories I write, not some wham bam thank you mam' plot. Todays erotica is a plot filled with so much more exciting and readable characters. The plethoria of e-book authors is astounding with subject matter all over the spectrum. Enjoy e-book erotica and support the freedom of expression, free press, and free speech. The values of democracy that have made this country so great and what it thrives on....