My New eBook on Amazon/Smashwords

My New eBook on Amazon/Smashwords
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

'A New Beginning' is my newest book now available on Smashwords & Amazon for eBook & PC
RAUNCHY ROMANCE at its HOTTEST! My New Series - The Lessons #1 By Pink Passion.....

Raunchy Romance or Type - O Erotica is it for you?

Todays erotica is so much more than your Grandpa's pulp novels. Amazon & Smashwords have downloadable books at your fingertips and authors can publish for free. The market is flooded and you can wind-up with bad porn. I know thats sad but you have to shop around and support your favorite authors of e-book publishing. Raunchy Romance is the type of erotica stories I write, not some wham bam thank you mam' plot. Todays erotica is a plot filled with so much more exciting and readable characters. The plethoria of e-book authors is astounding with subject matter all over the spectrum. Enjoy e-book erotica and support the freedom of expression, free press, and free speech. The values of democracy that have made this country so great and what it thrives on....

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Youth & Stamina VS Experience & Technique

Pink Passion fills a bedroom full of barely 18's, MILF's, DILF's, Cougars, and sugar babies for your pleasureable moment. But what really makes the difference in the bottom line so to speak. Today bedroom results and sexercises really boil down to Youth & Stamina VS Experience & Technique. You can work on shoring up stamina & learning technique but its usually relative to which do you prefer as your critical influence....