My New eBook on Amazon/Smashwords

My New eBook on Amazon/Smashwords
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Youth & Stamina VS Experience & Technique

Pink Passion fills a bedroom full of barely 18's, MILF's, DILF's, Cougars, and sugar babies for your pleasureable moment. But what really makes the difference in the bottom line so to speak. Today bedroom results and sexercises really boil down to Youth & Stamina VS Experience & Technique. You can work on shoring up stamina & learning technique but its usually relative to which do you prefer as your critical influence....


  1. Experience and technique, I think, wins hands down!
    I'm in my mid 40s and at my sexual peak! Got more wild passion in me than ever before and I'll try anything once! LOL!

    1. Yeah Chasity dear I'm on your side too and nothing feels better than someone pushing my buttons that knows how to drive...wink...wink. But I'm not knocking stamina, its just as I have gotten older I gave up on student I like men and men who know what they are doing....Period! Although I admit the way some of these young studs look I may still become a substitute teacher from time to time if the need arises several